A Stitch Fix Review - November 2016 - Fix #13

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
First of all, welcome to my new blog! I'm so glad you are here! I have big things in store for this new little blog of mine. (Among many other things, an amazing graphic designer, a.k.a, my sister, is working on a new design for it right now.) I can't wait for you to see it all. In the meantime, stay awhile and enjoy!

Now, confession time! I vowed after receiving Fix #12 last month, completing a year's worth of Fixes, I would change my subscription from monthly to bi-monthly. (My closet has grown quite a bit since joining Stitch Fix, so I just don't need clothes arriving monthly.) Well, I logged into my Stitch Fix account and did just that, changing my subscription to bi-monthly, and then I scheduled my next Fix to arrive right before December 1. Sadly, (or not so sadly,) I couldn't wait! I wanted another Fix that very moment. I couldn't get one on my doorstep that very moment, but I did the next best thing. I was a good girl and kept my subscription bi-monthly, but I bumped up my next Fix by a whole month. It came this past week! I'm so happy! Now, can I stick to my vow this time around and wait a whole two months for my next Fix? We will see!

Before I get to my latest Fix, I thought I would share a little about Stitch Fix, since it has been such a long time since I've done so. If you know the drill, skip down to this month's Fix. If you are at all interested in scheduling your own Fix, stick around. So, what is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a service that connects you with a personal stylist. That stylist hand-selects clothing and accessories for you and then ships them to your door.  Fantastic, right?! The process really is quite simple. You simply...
  1. Get started with a personal style quiz. (Tip - Be true to yourself and be detailed. If you have a Pinterest account, connect it to your Stitch Fix account.)
  2. Receive five personalized pieces, delivered to your door. (Tip - Try every piece on. Even those pieces you think you won't like. You never know! I've learned this from experience.)
  3. Keep what you love, send back the rest. (A prepaid envelope is provided!)
It really is that simple! A few other good things to know...
  • Fixes arrive on your schedule.  You can receive packages regularly or at your convenience. (When I began, I opted to have them sent monthly. I recently opted to have them sent bi-monthly. I love that I can change my mind at any time.)
  • There is a $20 styling fee, but that $20 will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep. 
  • If you love everything in your package and decide to keep it all, you get a 25% discount.  
Since I joined Stitch Fix, they've upped their game even more.
  • Stitch Fix now offers shoes! 
  • Stitch Fix now styles men as well! I'm very tempted to order a Fix for Mark. 
That's it. If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Or you can check out Stitch Fix yourself! They have a great website. They also have an app. I always love a good app!

Finally, onto Fix #13. Kristin styled me again this month. Let's see what she had to say.

"Hello Jamie! It's Fix day again and I was excited to keep the Fall picks coming starting with some more distressed denim! The Hallie distressed skinny by Cosmic Blue Love has a bit more distressing than the pair sent prior and also as a very approachable price point that I think you will appreciate. I would love to see you pair them with your striped knit top from last Fix and layered with this ultra cozy cowl neck pullover by Market & Spruce. Considering the length of this piece, you could also try it out with leggings and your knee high cognac colored boots. I know you have been loving the casual styles and the Gilli skirt embraces that with the knit fabric but does give you a slightly elevated look. Try pairing it with the creamy sweater in this Fix or the burgundy knit from last. I can't wait to see your next post! Enjoy! xo Kristin"

Are you ready to see what I got?

Hallie Distressed Skinny Jean by Cosmic Blue Love ($68)
The first item I pulled out was this pair of distressed skinnies. I was excited to see another pair of distressed skinnies. I love the pair I received in Fix #11. I wear them all the time. Sadly, I quickly realized these new distressed skinnies were not going to work for me. They were too heavily distressed, especially above the knee. 
Due to modesty standards I have set for myself, I just couldn't wear these and feel modest. If the distressing had been more like those from Fix #11, I'm still not sure I would have kept these. I didn't love the black. What did I love about these? The price! I wish the pair I purchased had cost only $68!

Verdict: Returned

Annalyse Flare Skirt by Gilli ($58)
The next item I pulled out was this skirt. I was not excited to see this skirt. I would have never picked it for myself. I styled it below with a navy layering tee from Downeast, a navy cardigan from Target and navy Mary Janes. 
I liked this skirt more than I thought I would. The flare was flattering, the knit fabric made it so comfortable and the length was perfect. I have a very difficult time finding skirts that come to my knee. However, I couldn't get over the actual print and color combination. I didn't like them at all.

Verdict: Returned

Emie Textured Cowl Neck Pullover by Market & Spruce ($78)
The next item I pulled out was this pullover. Again, I was not excited. This was another piece I would have never picked for myself. I styled it below with the striped, knit top from Fix #12, denim skinnies from The Loft and brown Oxfords from Target. 
I truly appreciate that Stitch Fix stylists help push us out of our fashion comfort zones. I would have never tried distressed skinnies without them. This push, however, didn't work for me. I didn't feel like myself in this pullover. I also felt like I was drowning. There was just so much sweater.

Verdict: Returned

Denalie Coat by Mo-Ka ($88)
The next item I pulled out was this coat. I had two immediate reactions. I loved the color. I hated the fur. I styled it below by simply exchanging the pullover sweater for the coat. 
This coat was cute and warm. It just wasn't me.

Verdict: Returned

Liz Textured Sweater by Market & Spruce ($68)
The final item I pulled out was this sweater. Finally, an item that felt like me! I styled it below with my denim skinnies and brown Oxfords. 
I then switched out my brown Oxfords for white Converse. 
This sweater was cute! I really liked it. It was flattering and warm and comfortable. However, I didn't love it. At $68, I needed to really love it.

Verdict: Returned

So, what did you think? Should I have buyer's remorse? (I'm kind of sad I sent that final sweater back!) Overall, it was kind of a bummer of a Fix, but I'm okay with that. My stylist isn't a mind-reader, (though pretty close,) and I look at these misses as a fine-tuning of my personal style. I know I've personally learned so much about my personal style since I've joined Stitch Fix. Now, after getting a 0/5 Fix, can I wait two whole months for my next Fix? I'm not sure I can. I may just need to bump that next Fix up by a month.

Cost breakdown, if I had kept everything:

Total: $360
Buy 5 Discount*: -$90
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $250

*You must purchase all 5 items to receive a 25% discount.

My cost, since I kept nothing:

Styling Fee: $20

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So you know, the Stitch Fix links in this post are linked to my personal referral code. I would love for you to use one of them, if you happen to try out Stitch Fix. I would then receive a small amount of credit toward my next Fix. Guess what?! If you sign up, you too will receive a personal referral code and can earn credit as well!

Finally, if you love reading Stitch Fix reviews as much as I do, check out A Stitch Fix Link-Up, hosted by Crazy Together.


  1. The green sweater and skirt looked great on you. :)

  2. I loved the green sweater and the coat, the other's not so much.