A Stitch Fix Review - June 2016 - Fix #8

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
I am still in love with Stitch Fix. My experience with Stitch Fix hasn't been perfect, but I still love them. (Stitch Fix - Can you please read my mind and send me five perfect pieces every month? Haha!) Truly, I do love them! They have made shopping for clothes so much fun!

(If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, check out my post here. Also, so you know, the Stitch Fix links in this post are linked to my personal referral code. I would love for you to use one of them, if you happen to give Stitch Fix a try. I would then receive a small amount of credit toward my next Fix. Guess what?! If you sign up, you too will receive a personal referral code and can earn credit as well!)

Kristin styled me again this month for Fix #8. Here is what she had to say.

"Hello again Jamie! Happy Fix day! I was so thrilled to see how well last Fix worked out for you and I hope we can keep moving in the right direction! To start you off, I might have squealed a little when I saw the Toree Maxi Dress by ONEMARKET. It is so similar to the maxi dresses you had pinned and will look simply stunning for the wedding in July. I also managed to snag you the Pino Lace Overlay Blouse that comes with a cami to wear underneath. Although we didn't have any kelly green skinnies in our inventory, I did include the Indy Cropped Skinny Cargo Jean by Liverpool. Paired with the lace overlay blouse you get a very Reese Witherspoon casual day look. I thought you might appreciate the preppy take on the classic chambray shirt by Velvet Heart and it can also double up as a cardi when left unbuttoned over a tank. Enjoy! XO Kristin"

I've only had personal experience with two Stitch Fix stylists so far, but from that experience and what I've heard from others, they all seem so nice. Not only do they seem nice, but they seem to try their best. Kristin's note is so sweet and I can tell she is paying attention to my requests and my Pinterest board, which I love. (This month I asked for Kelly green skinnies and casual, but cute, neutral colored tops, as well as a romantic maxi dress for an upcoming wedding I'm attending. The dress she sent almost matches the one I pinned perfectly! I can see why she squealed.)

Okay, enough chit-chat. Let's see what Kristin sent!

Toree Maxi Dress by ONEMARKET ($88)
My first thoughts...This dress is beautiful. From the style to the fabric to the colors, it is just beautiful. I don't think any picture I took does it justice! (The best picture, the one below, was taken in my still messy room with my phone!) I couldn't wait to try it on. Because it is sleeveless, (and I choose not to wear sleeveless items,) I paired it with a red cardigan and blush pink strappy heals. 
After trying on...I felt beautiful in this dress, but I had a couple reservations. Did the elastic waist look okay? Was it too much dress? I needed more opinions, so I got them. Three to be exact. My husband's, my daughter's and my sister's. They all loved it, so I threw my reservations out the window and decided to keep it. I think this will be perfect for the summer wedding I will be attending soon. 

Verdict: Kept!

Genifer Tie-Back Knit Top by Loveappella ($58) and Indy Cropped Skinny Cargo Jean by Liverpool ($88)
My first thoughts...When I pulled these two pieces out, I thought they were both okay, but nothing special and perhaps not really me. I liked the color of the top and was digging the bow in the back, but I wasn't fond of the ribbed knit fabric. Knits of any kind are usually not my first choice of fabrics when it comes to tops. I liked the color of the jeans as well, but I wasn't sure if they were my style. The cargo style threw me a little and the fact that they had zippers on the back heal area really threw me. I was not sure about these two pieces at all. I paired them with white Converse.
Haven't quite mastered the backwards shot yet. Haha. 

After trying on...First, the jeans. I fell in love with these immediately! Who knew?! They are so cute and so comfy and, really, they are a nice change from my usual blue jeans. Definitely keeping these! Now, the top. I still didn't love the top. The only thing I really loved about it was the bow. I'm a sucker for little details like that. But, (I'm totally ruining the surprise here, again,) with everything I wanted to keep from this Fix, it was cheaper to keep this top as well and enjoy the 25% discount, so I did! (FYI - I've joined a Stitch Fix buy/sell/trade group on Facebook. I was able to successfully sell the cream top I kept from my last Fix that I wasn't fond of. I will try to sell this top there as well. If it sells, great! If not, I'm still grateful for the discount I get keeping it and I like it enough to wear it.)

Verdict: Kept and kept!

Tooks Chambray Top by Velvet Heart ($54)
My first thoughts...I did not really like this top when I pulled it out. I don't own any chambray tops, but I think they are cute and was happy to try one, but I was kind of bummed that it had polka dots. I rolled up the sleeves and paired it with denim skinnies from my last Fix and brown sandals. 
Kind of cute! I decided to pair it with white Converse next.
Kind of cute, again! I tried one more pairing, this time with the new cargo skinnies from above and white Converse.
After trying on...That last pairing sealed it for me. First glance had this top going back, but after trying it on...I fell in love.

Verdict: Kept!

Pinol Lace Overlay Blouse by Brixon Ivy ($64)
My first thoughts...I was so excited to see this top! I had pinned this top to my Pinterest board after seeing it in someone else's Fix and loving it. I loved the lace and the fact that it had sleeves, and I was excited to try a peplum top. I had never tried one before. I must admit though, I was so scared to try it on. Would it look good on me? I so, so wanted it to. I paired it with a white layering tee, denim skinnies from my last Fix and brown sandals. (FYI - This top comes with a removable white cami. I chose to remove it and wear a white layering tee instead for more coverage.)
It's as cute as I hoped it would be! LOVE! I wondered what it would look like with the new green cargo skinnies, so I paired it with them as well.
After trying on...So much love!

Verdict: Kept!

So, what did you think? I would truly love to hear. I loved this Fix. Kristin did so good! It may just be my favorite yet! That last top! I love it! If you've kept track along with me, this is my third 5/5, but I haven't yet had a true 5/5. They've all been 4/5, but I've kept the fifth items to get the great discount. Still keeping my fingers crossed for a true 5/5. Have you considered trying Stitch Fix yet? I highly recommend doing so!

Cost breakdown:

Total: $352
Buy 5 Discount*: -$88
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $244

*You must purchase all 5 items to receive a 25% discount.

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