A Stitch Fix Review - March 2016 - Fix #5

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Fix # 5 is here and it is a good one! Compared to Fix #4, this Fix felt so much more like me. I'm so grateful. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little nervous for Fix #5 after Fix #4.

Well, I'm ready to jump right in! How about you?!

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This month I asked for dark wash denim skinnies, colorful skinnies and pretty spring tops. Here's what Brandi, my personal stylist, had to say.

"Hi there, Jamie! Sorry I missed the mark with your last Fix. I tried pieces for you that may have moved you out of your comfort zone. Back to safety for Fix #5. Unfortunately, the pieces you pinned on Pinterest must be popular, because I wasn't able to find them in inventory. However, the pieces I did send resemble outfits you had pinned on Pinterest. For example, I didn't have colored skinnies to send you, but I did have the vibrant blue Kut From The Kloth cropped pants which are perfect for spring! Style with the Skies are Blue printed keyhole blouse in a fun spring print. I recommend front tucking in, adding a belt and layering on the white Liverpool jacket. Nothing says spring like a white jacket! For a super preppy but more casual look, wear the Loveappella striped button top instead with the dark was DL 1961 skinnies. Enjoy -Brandi"

Brandi is always sweet, even after missing the mark last Fix. Now, let's really jump in!

Moscow Skinny Jean by DL 1961 ($168)
Wow! Did you notice the price of these?! I gasped when I saw that they cost $168. Before Stitch Fix, I had never spent over $50 on a pair of jeans. All the jeans I've purchased so far from Stitch Fix have been between $90-$100. That has been a stretch for me. $168 is a an even bigger stretch! Well, I was actually pretty excited to see these after specifically requesting them and quickly pulled them out of the box and tried them on. (This was, of course, before I saw the price! I always intentionally try everything on before looking at prices, because I can be so easily swayed when it comes to prices, both ways!) I quickly styled these jeans with a simple gray tee from Target and black flats from Famous Footwear. 
Like all jeans I've received from Stitch Fix, these fit great! I love the dark wash and, even though they are pooling around the ankles a bit, I love the length. These could easily be tucked under or rolled, depending on the look I wanted. So, what's the verdict on these great, but pricey, jeans?

Verdict: Returned

I just couldn't do it. I couldn't spend $168 on jeans. I did like them though. 

Elroy Angled Button Knit Top by Loveappella ($54)
I smiled when I pulled this top out of the box next. It is so me! I styled this top with denim skinnies from Fix #2 and white Converse. 
This top is classic in every sense, but has the little button detail giving it a little something extra, which I love! I also love how it fit a little loose and the length is awesome.

Verdict: Returned

If I didn't have a shirt almost identical to this in my closet, I would have kept it! Wish mine had the cute button detail though. 

Siena Cropped Pant by Kut From The Kloth ($58)
I was so excited to pull these out of the box next. I love cropped pants and the color of these is beautiful! I styled these pants first with a simple white tee from Target and black sandals from Kohls. 
I then styled these pants with a floral blouse from Kohls and silver sandals from Target. 
I really like these pants. On top of the color and the fact that they are cropped, I like the fit and the weight of the fabric. These will take me through spring and into summer. 

Verdict: Kept!

Bowood Keyhold Detail Blouse by Skies are Blue ($48)
When I pulled this blouse out next, I thought it had potential, but I wasn't in love. The style is spot on, but the print was just okay and the mix of black and blue sort of through me. I styled this blouse first with the blue cropped pants like my stylist suggested, along with the black sandals and a black cardigan from Target. 
This outfit had me liking this blouse a little more. Seeing the keyhold detail on though is what pushed that like to love. I decided to style it a little further, this time keeping the cardigan but adding a black pencil skirt from Kohls.
Of all the pieces in my Fix, this blouse surprised me the most. I didn't love it in the box, but I loved it on!

Verdict: Kept

Kolton Denim Jacket by Liverpool ($88)
The final item I pulled out was this white denim jacket. I wear my blue denim jacket all the time, but had never considered trying a white denim jacket. I first styled it with the blue cropped pants, floral blouse and silver sandals. 
 Kind of cute! I then styled it with a maxi dress from Costco and the silver sandals.
This jacket fits really well and is so comfortable. It is quite structured, yet it is made out of a soft denim that had quite a bit of stretch. Despite all this, however, I don't love this jacket on me. I think it photographs better than it looks in real life. 

Verdict: Returned

Overall, I had a lot fun with this Fix. Like I said above, it felt so much more like me. Now, to patiently, (or not so patiently,) wait for Fix #6! What did you think? Any pieces you loved? I'd love to hear! 

Cost breakdown, if I had purchased everything:

Total: $416
Buy 5 Discount*: -$104
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Credit: -$10
Grand Total: $282

*You must purchase all five items to receive a 25% discount. 

My cost, since I only kept 2 items:

Total: $106
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $76

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