A Stitch Fix Review - August 2016 - Fix #10

Monday, August 1, 2016
Fix #10 is here! How is that possible?! I feel as though I just signed up with Stitch Fix, yet here I am, reviewing my 10th Fix. It's been a fun ride these past ten months. I've had some misses in those ten months, but more than not I've had hits, and those hits have ended up being some of my favorite pieces of clothing. I can't wait to show you what I received in this Fix!

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Kristin styled me again this month for Fix #10. Let's see what she had to say.

"Hello again Jamie! I loved your request for colorful skinnies and was so excited to include the Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jean in this stunning purple hue. Let them do the talking and keep your top simple by pairing the jeans with either the Papermoon Holden Top or the Daniel Rainn Rosana Lace Detail Peasant Top. Both tops feature prints and cuts I saw you had pinned on your Pinterest board! I had also noticed some touches of floral on your board and had to include the Papermoon Henna Woven Detail Knit Top. It is a super unique piece and also exclusive to Stitch Fix! Finally, the Papermoon Cubra Kit Top will be a great piece for layering under a denim jacket and paired with white or navy denim. Enjoy the Fix and I can't wait to hear what you think about each piece! xo Kristin."

Now, let's see what Kristin sent!

Holden Top by Papermoon ($38)
The first item I pulled out was this top. I was immediately excited! I'd been eyeing this style of top for a while, so I was looking forward to finally trying it out. I wasn't only excited about the style though. I also liked the light-weight material, the colors, the stripes and the fact that it had sleeves. I paired it below with denim skinnies from Old Navy and white Converse. 
Okay. So, here is where this review is a little different from my past reviews. I need your help! What do you think? I liked it so much pulling it out of the box, but I'm not so sure after trying it on. Is it cute or just okay? My biggest reservation...It is a little shorter in the front than I would like it to be. I just don't know. Help please!

Verdict: ?

Cubra Crochet Detail Knit Top by Papermoon ($44)
The next item I pulled out was this top. I was immediately drawn to the color blocking detail and the colors themselves. So cute! I was dissapointed, however, that it didn't have sleeves and I didn't care for the crochet detail around the neck. I paired it below with a denim jacket from Costco. 
Trying this top on didn't lead to any love on my behalf. I still liked the colors, but the color blocking detail I liked on the rack, I didn't like on. I didn't like that the white stripe went across my midsection, taking away any definition of my waist. On top of that, I had a really difficult time styling this top with items from my closet. Kristin suggested white or navy skinnies and a denim jacket. Well, first, I don't own white or navy skinnies. Every pair of skinnies I do own didn't look good with this top. Second, I didn't like the look of the denim jacket over this top. I felt it took away from the color blocking detail. Overall, this top just wasn't for me, but would probably look great on someone else who does own white or navy skinnies and does wear sleeveless tops. 

Verdict: Returned

Hennah Woven Hem Detail Knit Top by Papermoon ($48)
The next item I pulled out was this top. Truthfully, the only thing I liked about this top was the fact that it had sleeves. Truthfully, again, I was scared to try this top on. I paired it below with denim skinnies from Fix #7 and silver sandals from Target. 
Simply put, this top is not for me. 

Verdict: Returned

Rosana Lace Detail Peasant Top by Daniel Rainn ($88)
The next item I pulled out was this top. I immediately fell in love with it. It was beautiful, from its color to its embroidery to its lace! I don't think a single picture I took quite does this top justice. Though I most often gravitate toward classic and preppy pieces of clothing, I am drawn to romantic and Boho pieces as well, like this one. I couldn't wait to try it on. I first paired it with denim skinnies from The Loft and brown sandals from Rack Room Shoes. 
I then traded out the denim skinnies for olive skinnies from Fix #8.
At this point I was wishing I had a pair of distressed skinnies. I think this top would look great with distressed skinnies for contrast. What do you think? Again, I need your help! I love so much about this top, yet when it comes time to make a final decision on it I hesitate. Does it look good as it is styled above? Would it look better with distressed skinnies? Am I crazy and it doesn't look good on me at all? Help please!

Verdict: ?

Dorianna Skinny Jean by Lila Ryan ($98)
The final item I pulled out were these skinnies. I immediately fell in love! I'd been wishing for colorful skinnies for a long time and boy did Kristin deliver. I first paired them with the gray top from above, as Kristin suggested, and white Converse. 
I then paired them with the peasant top from above, again as Kristin suggested, and brown sandals, again from Rack Room Shoes. 
I then grabbed a more casual top, a striped tee from Target. This is when I began to really fall in love with these skinnies. 
Even more love came as I added a denim jacket. Hello Fall! I am looking forward to your arrival!
I finally traded out the sandals for White converse. This may be my new favorite outfit. Love!
Not only are these skinnies so cute, but they fit incredibly well and are incredibly comfortable. I love Stitch Fix jeans! 

Verdict: Kept!

Cost breakdown, if I purchase everything:

Total: $316
Buy 5 Discount*: -$79
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $217

*You must purchase all 5 items to receive a 25% discount.

My cost...I don't know yet! 

So, what do you think? I've enjoyed this Fix a lot so far and can't wait to wear my new purple skinnies, but I'm so torn on two of the pieces. Thankfully, I have until Monday to decide. I'd love for you to help me do so!

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