A Stitch Fix Review - February 2016 - Fix #4

Monday, February 1, 2016
Fix #4 is here! Can you believe it? I can't! I don't know why that fact is so hard for me to believe, but it truly feels like I just signed up for Stitch Fix! Next month will bring Fix #5! Crazy, but I love it! I am in love with Stitch Fix!

(If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, check out my post here.)

Before I get to this month's Fix, let me tell you a couple things I love about Stitch Fix that I haven't shared before.

First, did you know that you can schedule your Fixes for whenever you'd like? I schedule mine to arrive monthly, but you can schedule them to arrive every 2-3 weeks, every month like me, every other month or every three months OR you can schedule them to arrive whenever you'd like. Maybe you'd like a Fix for your birthday. You can schedule that. Or, maybe you'd like a Fix to get you looking great for a big date. You can schedule that. How awesome! It's subscription, yet not! There is no signing away of your life. Fixes come when you want and stop coming when you say so. Perfect!

Second, check these out.
With each Fix comes fun style cards, like these two from my last Fix, each with a couple different ideas of how to style each piece you recieve. Love these! These cards have given me great ideas.

Okay, onto my Fix! I know that's the real reason we are all here. For this Fix, I requested a pair of dark wash denim skinnies in a longer length, colorful skinnies and pieces that would take me into Spring. My stylist, Brandi, did just that. Let's see what she had to say.

"Hi there Jamie! Can you believe that it's February already? I can't! Do you have plans for Valentine's Day yet? In case you do, I sent you the Le Lis printed blouse to wear with the Mavi skinnies. These are a darker wash in a longer length as requested. The printed floral top is romantic, but not over the top. It will look really cute and preppy with the Kut From The Kloth vest as well. The vest will look great over a fitted dress as well. I'll keep an eye out for one to send you in your next Fix. I know you wanted colored skinnies, but I am hoping you are open to printed skinnies like the Dear John floral print skinnies. They will look amazing with the RD Style tan sweater and trendy ankle booties. This outfit screams Spring and are great transitional pieces. I can't wait to see what you think. Enjoy!! -Brandi

Brandi is always so sweet and is such a good listener. Check out those Spring colors! Exciting!
Now, onto the fashion show!

Freida Skinny Jean by Mavi ($98)
The first item I pulled out were these skinnies. As I mentioned above, I had specifically asked for a pair of dark wash denim skinnies in a longer length, so I was excited to see these and try them on. I tried them on with the three pairs of shoes that I seem to be gravitating to this winter...Nude flats from Target and brown booties and riding boots from Famous Footwear.
I loved these skinnies with all three, especially the riding boots. They also fit well and were so comfortable. How does Stitch Fix do that? I'm still amazed! My only dissapointment was that these weren't truly denim skinnies. They were navy blue skinnies. This was most apparant when I cuffed them and the cuffs were black. I didn't like that. I often cuff my skinnies, especially in Spring and Summer. I went back and forth on whether to keep these or not. Great fitting pants are so hard to find, but, ulitmately, I decided to return these because they weren't exactly what I was looking for. I'm holding out for a more amazing pair of skinnies that are actually denim.

Verdict: Returned  

Hollycroft Crew Neck Blouse by Le Lis ($48)
The next item I pulled out was this blouse. I was immediately drawn to its style. If you know me, you know I have a lot of blouses like this. I can't help myself! I love this style. I was also drawn to its floral print and pretty colors. I excitedly tried it on, pairing it with the skinnies from above and the nude flats.  
After trying it on, I didn't like this blouse as much. It was a little shorter than I would have liked. The crew neck was a little higher than I would have liked. Finally, the texture of the fabric was a litte odd. For those reasons...

Verdict: Returned

Bargo Double Breasted Vest by Kut From The Kloth ($88)
Confession time! I pulled out this vest and cringed. Um, this so isn't me. I was brave and tried it on anyway, thinking maybe I just thought it wasn't me, but it really was. I paired it with the skinnies and blouse as my stylist suggested, along with the nude flats. 
Nope! It is definitely not me! Plus, I felt twenty pounds heavier in this vest. I know vests are trending right now, but this is a trend I think I will skip. 

Verdict: Returned

Mulligan Airy Knit Pullover Sweater by RD Style ($68)
The next item I pulled out was this sweater. I was really excited to see this sweater. I had actually pinned this to my Pinterest board. I thought the knit was really pretty. I excitedly tried it on, pairing it with a navy blue layering tee from Down East, the skinnies and the nude flats. 
So, I like the high/low trend in tops right now, but the high/low cut of this sweater was way too much for me. I felt that it just looked awkward.

Verdict: Returned

Avril Floral Printed Skinny Jean by Dear John ($88)
Confession time, again! I pulled out these floral printed skinnies and had flashbacks to my childhood in the 80's. After several cringe-worthy flashbacks, my next thought was, "I'm not 22!" These just seemed too young for me. What do you think? I know I'm not that old, but I am closer to 40 than 30, and I'm just not sure this is a trend for a closer to 40 than 30 year old. I tried them on anyway. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything in my closet I could pair these with, so I just have shots of the skinnies. 
Things I liked about these skinnies...They fit amazingly well. They were so comfortable. The cuff was cute and the length was perfect. Things I didn't like about these skinnies...The floral print. The floral print. The floral print. Ha! If these had been dark denim or a colored denim, I would have totally kept these. But since they are floral printed skinnies, they are going back. Another trend I will be skipping.

Verdict: Returned

If you've been keeping track, you know that I didn't keep anything. Bummer! But yet, surprisingly, I'm not upset about that fact. One of the reasons I signed up for Stitch Fix was to try new trends, taking me out of my comfort zone. This Fix did exactly that. I would have never tried on floral printed skinnies or a vest before. Now I have and know they are not for me. The blouse and sweater both had great potential, but ended up not working. The navy blue skinnies were actually pretty close to perfect. I just decided to hold out for something a little more perfect. When you factor in all of that, this was a pretty great Fix! I am happy with it. (My wallet is too!) And looking back, after only four Fixes, I have 11 new pieces that I love! How great is that?! Am I breaking up with Stitch Fix? Definitely not! I can't wait for Fix #5!

So, what did you think? I'd love to hear!

Cost breakdown, if I had purchased everything:

Total: $390
Buy 5 Discount*: -$97.50
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Credit: -$30
Grand Total: $242.50

*You must purchase all five items to recieve a 25% discount. 

My cost, since I kept nothing:

Styling Fee: $20
Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $0

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So you know...The Stitch Fix links in this post are linked to my personal referral code. I would love for you to use one of them, if you happen to try out Stitch Fix. I would then receive a small amount of credit toward my next Fix. Guess what?! If you sign up, you too will receive a personal referral code and can earn credit as well!

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