Growing Up with Conference: Practical Ways to Make General Conference Fun Year-round

Thursday, November 10, 2016
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I'm happy to be back today, bringing you another book review. (I went from having zero "official" book reviews to having two in just one month!) Today I'm reviewing Growing Up with Conference: Practical Ways to Make General Conference Fun Year-round by Emilee Reynolds, Cassie Lytle and Tiffany McDaniel.

Growing Up with Conference is a book simply jam-packed with ideas to help you and your family gain more from General Conference. The book is divided into three parts. Part one is all about learning. What can we do to prepare ourselves for conference? Part two is all about listening. What can we do during conference to better hear what is being said? Part three is all about living it. How do we take what we have heard and apply it?

When I say this book is jam-packed, I'm not kidding. Amongst the book's very personal dialogue and many colorful photographs, there are activities and crafts with detailed supply lists and instructions. There are time-tested family recipes. There are complete Family Home Evening lesson plans. There is just so much!

I'll be honest, when I began reading this book, I found myself saying, "How does this apply to me, the mother of older children?" At first glance, this book seemed aimed at families that have young children in the home. Diving deeper though, I found many ideas suitable for families with older children, and if not suitable, easily adaptable.

I know I personally want more out of General Conference for myself and my family. This book definitely offers the ideas that can bring more to our home and family. I look forward to implementing some of them very soon.

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