A Stitch Fix Review - December 2015 - Fix #2

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
After such an amazing first Fix, I was excited for another, yet I was nervous it wouldn't live up to the first! I didn't think I could be more excited or more nervous than I was the first time around, but I was. Thankfully, this fix lived up to the first, possibly even surpassed it!

(If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, check out my post here.)

So, for my second fix, I actually made a couple requests, as you will see in the note below from my stylist, Brandi. (Before each Fix ships, Stitch Fix allows you to write a personal note to your stylist. This is a great way to communicate with your stylist, to let her know of items you are needing to complete your wardrobe or of items you are needing for a special event coming up or of a new trend you would like to try. It is wonderful!) I requested dark wash skinny jeans and some items for layering this winter. Here's what my stylist had to say...

"Happy Fix day Jamie! It's wonderful to style you again. There were so many things I wanted to send you! But I sent you some of the items you requested. I can save the others for next time. :) Since you requested a dark wash denim, I sent you the Just Black skinny jean. They are amazing. Style with the Market & Spruce top with the Papermoon sweater layered over it. The sweater will also look great with a cami underneath and the Look by M scarf around your neck for a cozy look. Would you be interested in a skirt in your next Fix to go with this sweater? For church, I sent you the 41Hawthorn dress. It will look great with tights, tall boots and the cardigan from your last Fix. If it needs shape, try adding a skinny belt around the waist to give you that shape. Let me know if this helps. :) -Brandi"

I have to say, her personal note impressed me. It let me know that she is actually listening to me. I had left feedback after my first Fix, letting her know that one of the reasons I wasn't fond of the cardigan she had sent was that it lacked shape. She listened and sent me a tip to help with that. So grateful!

Okay, onto the clothes!

Adorra Skinny Jean by Just Black ($88) and April Patterned Knit Sweater by Papermoon ($54)
The first items I pulled out were these jeans and sweater. I was so excited to see dark wash jeans! But, would they fit? Would Stitch Fix send another pair of perfect jeans?  They did and they did! They fit so well. And I love the wash! And they are so comfortable! Like, seriously comfortable. I didn't know jeans could be so comfortable. Stitch Fix is now two for two when it comes to jeans for me. I was also so excited to see this sweater. It is classic, yet not. The color is classic. The knit and style is not. I love them both! It has such a fun knit and I love that it is short in the front and long in the back. I paired the two items below with a black layering tee from Down East and black flats from Famous Footwear.
Don't you love the knit?! I wanted to see how the sweater would look with a few other pieces from my closet, so I paired it below with the black layering tee, black skinnies from Stitch Fix (Fix #3) and the black flats.
Cute! I then paired it with the black layering tee, a denim skirt and black riding boots from Famous Footwear. 
I wondered if adding gray tights would cozy this look up even more. 
Yep! Cozy and cute!

Verdict: Kept!

Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf by Look by M ($34)
The next item I pulled out was this beautiful scarf. This was love at first sight. Again, it is classic, yet not. The plaid is classic. The colors are not. This scarf is so soft and warm. It is a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe. I paired it below with the new sweater, like my stylist suggested.
Love! I then paired it with a cream sweater.
 Love again! I finally paired it with a brown wool coat from Target.
I just love this scarf!

Verdict: Kept!

Acosta Button Down Top by Market & Spruce ($64)
The next item I pulled out was the Acosta Button Down Top. Oh, how I wish I had a picture of this top, but I don't. Bummer, I know. Let me explain the top for you. It is a deep purple, plaid, long sleeved, button down shirt. When you roll up the plaid sleeves, hiding underneath is another set of sleeves, these a knit fabric, white with blue stripes. Does that make sense? I looked on Pinterest and was able to find it, but I didn't want to steal someone else's picture. If you really want to see it, a quick Pinterest search will bring it up. Next time, I promise to snap pictures of any items I send back. Overall, I loved the color of this top, but I couldn't get my head around the two different sleeves. I tried it on anyway, despite my reservations. It was just blah. That's a very technical term for you! I did try pairing it with the new sweater, like my stylist suggested, but nope! Created too much bulk for this girl.

Verdict: Returned

Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress by 41Hawthorn ($78)
The final item I pulled out was the Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress. Again, how I wish I had a picture of this dress, but I don't. It is a navy and green graphic print wrap dress. It is cute! I loved it! Until I tried it on! Ha! Actually, it wasn't that bad, but I needed to do about a thousand and one sit ups before I could wear it.  Since I'm not willing to do that many sit ups, it wasn't the dress for me. A quick Pinterest search will bring this one up as well and, again, I promise to snap pictures of any items I send back next time. Sorry.

Verdict: Returned

Cost breakdown if I had purchased everything:

Total: $318
Buy 5 Discount*: -$79.50
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $218.50

*You must purchase all 5 items to receive a 25% discount.

My cost, since I only kept 3 items:

Total: $176
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $156

So, that was my second fix! What did you think? Did you love any of the pieces? I sure did! Though I only kept three items, I really loved four of them. In my book, that is a very successful Fix! I have a feeling, and a hope, that my Fixes will just keep getting better and better as my relationship with Stitch Fix and my stylist grows. Fingers crossed!

If you missed my first fix, check it out now!

Fix #1

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