A Stitch Fix Review - April 2016 - Fix #6

Friday, April 1, 2016
Fix #6 came over the weekend! It's funny. Six Fixes in and my heart still races when this box shows up on my front porch. And it continues to race until I open it up. What is it about this box?

Before I get any further, I must mention that at this moment my house looks like this!
And because my house currently looks like this, my brain is not functioning properly, leading to me not pulling together everything I would have liked to when putting together this review. On top of that, my favorite spot to take pictures, the spot with the very best lighting, wasn't available, due to the fact that all our living room and office furniture is currently in that room. Well, needless to say, things will look a little different this go around, but hopefully you still enjoy this review! 

Let's get to it! 
Oh, the potential! Loving the colors!

For this Fix, I didn't make any specific requests. I did, however, remind my stylist of my fairly modest dress standards, reminding her that tops with sleeves were appreciated, since I don't want to layer on top of them during the summer months, and that all bottoms must come to at least the knee. Here's what my stylist, Brandi, had to say.

"Hi there, Jamie! I am so excited that it's almost spring and summer time and I'm lad to see that you are as well. Since you like to wear skirts this time of year, I sent you the teal green Kut From The Kloth pencil skirt. I think it will look totally adorable with the Collective Concepts split neck blouse for some additional color. Since this is sleeveless and you like to wear cardigans, I sent the lighter weight Loveappella cardigan. Give this look your own style by adding a skinny belt over the cardigan. What do you think? The Alice Blue chevron print blouse and the Bay to Baubles triangle bar necklace styled with sneakers will give the skirt a perfectly preppy look as well. Have fun trying everything on in Fix #6 :) I hope it gets you even more in the mood for spring! -Brandi"

Always sweet. Now, let's really get to it!

Susanna Split Neck Chevron Print Blouse by Alice Blue ($44)
I was immedietly drawn to this top and had to try it on first. I loved the colors, the print, the style and the fact that it had sleeves. I styled it with a blue layering tee from Downeast, (the top was sheer,) my favorite jeans from The Loft and old sandals. (And my Fitbit I forgot to remove!)
Unfortunately, I didn't love it on! I still loved the colors, pattern and style. And I loved the little button detail on the sleeves. But on, again, I just didn't love it. Perhaps because it felt a little short. I am not sure. I just didn't feel great in it and I was so bummed. I think I may have loved it tucked into a pencil skirt with a cardigan layered on top, but I didn't try styling it that way since I am not looking for those types of tops right now. I just don't wear them often enough being a stay-at-home mom and, with it being almost summer time, I need tops that don't need layering. 

Verdict: Returned

Shelia Triangle Bar Necklace by Bay to Baubles ($28)
I was next drawn to this necklace. It was simple and cute and looked like it would go great with the top from above. 
So cute! Sadly, the clasp was stiff! It was so hard to open. And once I had it opened, it was hard to close. With that issue, I didn't feel it was worth $28. 

Verdict: Returned

Gracelyn Pencil Skirt by Kut From The Kloth ($58)
The color of this skirt was beautiful and I was so excited to see it as I started pulling it out of the box. It looked like it would be a perfect casual, summer skirt. My excitement ended shortly after pulling it out though. This skirt, supposedly a pencil skirt, was so short. I always thought pencil skirts were longer by nature. This one was definitely not. I've definitely been clearn about my modesty standards, so I was bummed my stylist sent such a short skirt. It came about 4-5 inches above my knees. Because of this, I have no pictures of it. Sorry! (A quick search on Pinterest will pull it up, if you're interested. It really was cute!)

Verdict: Returned 

Bernardo Crochet Back Cardigan by Loveappella ($58)
The next piece I pulled out was this cardigan. It didn't look immedietly like a piece I would like, but I was willing to try it on. I styled it with a blue layering tee from Downeast, my favorite jeans from The Loft and old sandals, again. Ha!
I do appreciate that my stylist thought to send a lighter weight cardigan, since she was sending a sleeveless top, after specifically asking for tops with sleeves, but this cardigan was not me. I just don't think the Boho style is a good fit for me. I like the idea of it, but I think I look better in tailored pieces. I definitely didn't feel my best in this cardigan. I also wasn't fond of the sleeves on this cardigan. They were a little strange.  

Verdict: Returned

Ardenas Split Neck Blouse by Collective Concepts ($58)
The final piece I reached for was this blouse. I wasn't sure at first how I felt about it. I thought it had potential style-wise, but the color palatte and pattern was a little strange to me and I was sad that it was sleeveless. I styled it with a blue cardigan from Target, my favorite jeans from The Loft and old sandals.
I was surprised by this top! I definitely liked it on more than I liked it in the box, but I think I liked the overall look of the outfit I put together more than anything specific about the top. I definitely was not in love with the top on its own. The color palatte and pattern was still a little strange to me and it had some gathering on the shoulder seams I didn't like, adding too much bulk up top. Plus, when I look at the picture directly above, I look like I'm wearing scrubs! On top of all that, again, I am not looking for tops that need layering. I need summer-ready tops, as in tops with sleeves!

Verdict: Returned

So, another 0/0. My second! I am so disappointed! At first glance, I thought there was so much potential in this box. Overall, I think my modesty standards got in the way of this box. I feel like I am being clear about my standards, yet I don't feel my stylist quite gets them. I will be writing Stitch Fix to see what I can do to get Fixes that better meet the standards I have set for myself. I'll let you know their response when I review my next Fix. 

Cost breakdown, if I had purchased everything:

Total: $246
Buy 5 Discount*: -$61.50
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $164.50

*You must purchase all five items to receive a 25% discount.

My cost, since I kept nothing:

Styling Fee Credit: $20

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