What I've Been Reading - April 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016
Welcome to What I've Been Reading, where I share my (quick and personal) thoughts on what I've been reading this past month. For specifics (plot summary, etc.) about each book, click on the provided links.

I liked this book. I really did. It just was a little too slow-paced for me. And the author rambled a bit too much for my liking, her thoughts not always feeling too well-organized. I did love the idea behind the book though. And I gained some fun facts from it. Though the few stars, I definitely think it is worth reading if you are an Austen fan. Or even if you are just a fan of books! It's definitely a book-lovers book.

A Stitch Fix Review - April 2016 - Fix #6

Friday, April 1, 2016
Fix #6 came over the weekend! It's funny. Six Fixes in and my heart still races when this box shows up on my front porch. And it continues to race until I open it up. What is it about this box?