A Stitch Fix Review - July 2016 - Fix #9

Friday, July 1, 2016
It's July 1st, which means it's time for another Stitch Fix review! Are you excited? I am! Sadly, this review will be a little lacking when compared to my other reviews. My July Fix came at a time when the very last thing I wanted to do was get dolled up and try on clothes for my camera. Hello terrible summer cold. So, there are no pictures this time besides of the clothes themselves. I'm so sorry, but I promise to do better next time around, as long as I don't come down with another summer cold!

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Kristin styled me again this month for Fix #9. Here is what she had to say.

"Hello again Jamie! I loved checking out your blog post and I have to say - you look AMAZING in those olive cargo jeans! The chucks were the perfect footwear choice too! For your Fix today I am starting you off with an aline skirt by Paradigma. It is made from a super breathable cotton/rayon blend fabric that will be perfect in the VA heat and humidity. I would love to see you pair it with the THML Dauphine Top and layered with a denim jacket. You could also grab your chambray from last Fix and tuck it into the skirt for a super sweet look. The Skies are Blue Gelsey Blouse has the same vibe as the BRIXON IVY Blouse from last Fix but the bold coral color really amps up the summer feel. Finally, the Crescent Dress, also a rayon blend, is similar to a few you had pinned. Let me know if it is long enough for you! Enjoy the Fix! xo Kristin"

There is so much I love about Kristin's note this month. I love that she checked out my blog last month and gave me sweet feedback. I love that she recognized I need breathable fabrics here in Virginia during the summer. I love that she gave me a styling suggestion using a top I received in a previous Fix. Finally, I love that she recognized that dresses must come to my knee by asking if a dress she sent this Fix is long enough. I am so grateful!

Now, let's see what she sent!

Dauphine Embroidery Detail Top by THML ($54)
The first item I pulled out was this top. I immediately fell in the love with the red embroidery. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't not fall in love with the rest of this top. I really did not the like the two directional stripes and I did not like the shape. Trying this top on did not change any of my feelings. It only strengthened them, especially concerning the shape. This top had no shape! It looked so boxy on me. If only the beautiful red embroidery had come on a different top!

Verdict: Returned

Gelsey Crochet Blouse by Skies are Blue ($58)
The next item I pulled out was this top. I initially felt indifferent to this top. The style, crocheting and color were pretty, but I wasn't in love. If I wasn't in love, I couldn't see paying $58 for it. Trying this top on solidified that it probably wasn't the top for me. I liked it on, but still didn't love it. It was a little too fitted for my taste. Perhaps it was meant to be that way. It did have a zipper in the back. I thought I might like it more if I had a size larger, but I didn't love it enough to request a larger size.

Verdict: Returned

Camillia Aline Eyelet Skirt by Paradigma ($84)
The next item I pulled out was this skirt. I was so excited to see this skirt. I had tried on a few similar skirts in stores, but hadn't found one I loved yet. I hoped I would love this one. It looked long enough, which was so exciting. Well, I tried it on and loved it. It was perfect! All except for one small detail. I couldn't zip it up! I wondered if they had sent me an incorrect size, but they hadn't. It must run small. I really thought about requesting a larger size, but in the end decided not to do so due to the hefty price tag.

Verdict: Returned

Dilley Dress by Crescent ($74)
The next item I pulled out was this dress. I was so excited to see this dress as well. It looked like me. I loved the style, the detailing and the color. Unfortunately, I could immediately tell it wasn't going to be long enough. I tried it on anyways. It was so cute on. I could imagine wearing it in the summer with a light cardigan and sandals. I could imagine wearing it in the fall with a denim jack and riding boots. Sadly, it was 4-5 inches too short.

Verdict: Returned

Suva Cargo Jacket by Market & Spruce ($78)
The final item I pulled out was this jacket. It was so cute. It was fairly simple, but the color was unusual, yet classic. I love this shade of green. I fell in love with it even more after trying it on. It was perfect, except for the fact that it's July! I just couldn't justify buying a jacket in July! This one was so hard to send back, but I did.

Verdict: Returned

Cost breakdown, if I had purchased everything:

Total: $348
Buy 5 Discount*: -$87
Styling Fee Credit: -$20
Grand Total: $241

*You must purchase all 5 items to receive a 25% discount.

My cost, since I kept nothing:

Styling fee: $20

So, what did you think? This wasn't my favorite Fix, but it had so much potential! I wish the eyelet skirt would have fit, the dress would have come to my knee and the jacket would have been sent in the fall. Given those three things, it would have been amazing Fix. Oh well. I have next Fix to look forward to!

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