What I've Been Reading - May 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Welcome to What I've Been Reading, where I share my (quick and personal) thoughts on what I've been reading this past month. For specifics (plot summary, etc.) about each book, click on the provided links.

I was really looking forward to this book after enjoying the second book in this series so much, but this book didn't quite live up to its predecessor for me, much like the first book in this series. The story line just didn't quite capture my attention, making the book easy to put down and not so easy to pick back up again. The language also got on my nerves in this book. It isn't full of language, just like the other two books, thankfully, but the language that is in it bothered me. Hoping the plot is better in the fourth book and the language is a little less salty. I still recommend these if you like more literary-minded mysteries.  (*Some language)

A Stitch Fix Review - May 2016 - Fix #7

Sunday, May 1, 2016
I'm excited to share Fix #7 with you today. It's a fun one! If you were here last month, you may remember that I wasn't too happy with my last Fix. To be honest, I wasn't too happy with my last three Fixes. After signing up with Stitch Fix and receiving three amazing Fixes, to get three misses was disappointing. Well, I emailed customer service and their response was impressive. They apologized for the misses, offered to waive my next styling fee and asked a lot of detailed questions about my personal style in hopes of getting my Fixes back on track. I was so grateful. I really do love Stitch Fix and want to continue doing business with them, but I can't afford to do so if I keep sending back everything they send, losing my styling fee every month. I took them up on their offer, answered all of their detailed questions and scheduled my next Fix, Fix #7. I am so glad I did. Fix #7 is good!