What I've Been Reading - July 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016
Welcome to What I've Been Reading, where I share my (quick and personal) thoughts on what I've been reading this past month. For specifics (plot summary, etc.) about each book, click on the provided links.

The Walk (The Walk #1) by Richard Paul Evans (3 stars)
I read a couple other books by Evans quite a few years ago and had decided then that he wasn't the author for me. I thought I would give him another chance and try one of his books again. Well, my opinion hasn't changed. He simply isn't for me. The Walk is the fictional story of a man who walks from Washington state to Florida, after losing his wife. I don't think I will be reading book #2.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio (4 stars)
I loved this book and think it should be required reading for all children, ages 8-12. Wonder is the fictional story of an eleven year old boy, Auggie, born with a facial deformity, going to mainstream school for the first time. At times I was laughing out loud, while at other times I was tearing up. It's a heart-warming story, perfectly written for kids, yet enjoyable for adults. Highly recommend.

Well, I guess they can't all be great. The Beautiful Mystery, book #8 of Penny's Gamache series, fell short for me. I started the book with high hopes, but the plot ended up simply boring, in my opinion. The Beautiful Mystery is about the murder of a monk in a monastery. The redeeming quality was its ending. Hello cliffhanger! I must immediately go get book #9! (*Brief language)

After a not-so-stellar book #8, book #9 totally delivered. Looking forward to book #10! (*Some language)

Book #10 fell short for me. I am still looking forward to continuing with this series, but I am finding that not all are created equal. Hoping book #11 is better. (*Some language)

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