What I've Been Reading - December 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016
Welcome to What I've Been Reading, where I share my (quick and personal) thoughts on what I've been reading this past month. For specifics (plot summary, etc.) about each book, click on the provided links.

I love Sarah Eden. She is one of my favorite authors. That being said, her latest novel fell short for me. I am honestly surprised. It has left me wondering why this book fell short. It is about two people vying for the job of sheriff in a small Western town in 1875. So, was it the story that fell short? Was it the new setting? (Most of her books are set in Regency England.) Was it not the book itself, but the fact that I read it during a really busy time of the year and found myself having to put it down too often? I'm not sure, but, because it is written by Sara Eden, I will be giving this one a re-read. I think it deserves that. In the meantime, I highly recommend her first book, Seeking Persephone!

Two by Twoby Nicholas Sparks (2.5 stars)
I am officially done with Nicholas Sparks. I am not sure if his novels have changed or if I have changed as a reader, but I am no longer enjoying his novels like I used to. I had hoped his newest would be better than his other recent novels, but I did not like it. The first half, possibly more, had too much bickering and self-pity for my taste. I'm not sure how I made it through all of it. It got a bit better in the end, but not enough to raise its rating in my eyes. This novel is about a man's failed marriage and his unexpected roll as a single-dad.

The Flower Arrangementby Ella Griffin (2.5 stars)
I will admit, I picked this book up from my library because of its cover. Please say I'm not only one who does that? Well, this book proved that covers are often deceiving. This book was just okay. It wasn't bad. It just didn't do anything for me. It is about the many lives connected through a little flower shop in Dublin.

Little Women (Puffin in Bloom)by Louisa May Allcott (5 stars)
How beautiful is the above copy of Little Women?! I want it! I have lost track of how many times I have read Little Women. It is one of my absolute favorite books and never disappoints. After three disappointing books this December, I needed a guaranteed good read. If you've never read Little Women, please do! I may snag this beautiful copy for myself. My old paperback isn't going anywhere though. I believe you can never have too many copies of your favorite books. My library is living proof of that.

I loved this book! My love is proven by how many book darts are now resting happily in this book! At just 154 pages, it is a quick read. It is a woman's collection of short essays on books, reading, words, and so much more. I read this for my book club. I'm not sure I would have ever discovered it on my own, which is why I am so grateful for book clubs! If you love books, reading and words even just a little bit, I think you will love this book a lot! (MMD Book Club pick)

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  1. I loved Ex Libris and now I'm going to read her other books, she is such a great writer. Little Women one of my fave's After watching a couple of author chats on MMD book club I have added a few more books to my TBR pile. It's addictive.